Premium mono-crystalline wafers

NorSun is dedicated to producing high efficiency mono-crystalline wafers from high quality poly-silicon from Western suppliers. Utilizing wafer slicing equipment from a reputed supplier combined with our own developed fixed abrasive sawing technology, NorSun wafers benefit from low average total thickness variation (TTV), surface roughness, and subsurface damage, as well as low levels of chipping and micro-cracks.

In addition, the state-of-the-art automatic wafer singulation and inline cleaning solution provide consistent wafer cleanliness and low surface metal content. NorSun also has 100% inline automatic wafer inspection.

See Our production process for further details.

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Picture of metal wafers
  • Diamond wire sliced mono-crystalline CZ silicon wafers
  • n-type (P) or p-type (B or Ga)
  • Format 125mm, M2, M3, M4 and M6
  • Resistivity typical 1 to 7 Ω cm for n-type
    (upper limit = 7 x lower limit) and 0.5 to 1.5 Ω for p-type
  • Minority carrier lifetime > 1 ms* for n-type
  • Interstitial oxygen < 16 ppma**
  • Substitutional carbon < 2 ppma**
  • Side length 125mm, 156.75mm (M2), 158.75mm (M3),
    161.7mm (M4) or 166mm (M6) ± 0.25mm ***
  • Diameter 166mm, 210mm (M2), 211mm (M3 and M4)
    or 223mm (M6) ± 0.25mm ***
  • Rounded or flat corners (corner length tolerance ±0.5)
  • Polished edges (Ra < 0.1 μm)
  • 130 to 170 ±15 μm thickness
  • TTV < 25 μm
  • Bow < 50 μm
  • Saw mark depth < 15 μm
  • Chipping < 300 μm
  • No micro-cracks, stains, or pinholes

* Higher minimum value available on request
** Lower maximum value available on request
*** Tighter tolerances available on request

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