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NorSun is a company in a future-oriented industry, that contributes to an efficient, affordable and sustainable conversion of sunlight into electricity. NorSun’s high performance monocrystalline wafers constitute the backbone of the world’s most efficient solar panels.

As member of the NorSun team, you will shape the future of this industry through development of new technology as well implementation and operation of efficient production processes. You will be given the opportunity to work with some of the best technological experts within our industry domain, and serve some of the most demanding customers in the solar energy market.

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What we are looking for

In NorSun we look for team oriented employees with an industrial mindset, a passion for quality and a desire to innovate – at all levels and in every position. You will be expected to engage the full breadth of your competence and contribute within, as well as outside, your formal role.

The PV industry is a cost and quality race. We look for team members who are motivated by the challenge of continuous quality improvement, the drive for cost efficient production and the development of new technology.

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