About NorSun

NorSun is a Norwegian solar energy company that manufactures and markets high performance mono-crystalline silicon ingots and wafers for the global solar energy industry. Dedicated to high efficiency n-type wafers and sustainable production with low CO2 emissions, we are an established supplier to tier-one cell manufacturers.

NorSun operates a modern production facility located in Årdal in western Norway, pursuing a detailed and aggressive technology development and cost road map which ensures a competitive price model. The NorSun plant is powered by low cost renewable hydropower, enabling very low emissions from production.

In June 2019, the company closed a NOK 230 million equity round to increase the production capacity to 1 GW, introduce new technologies, and significantly reduce unit costs.

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The Årdal village is located at the innermost part of Sognefjorden. A hydroelectric plant further up the valley provides sustainable electric power to the substantial industrial activities in the village.


A sustainable future with clean energy for all.


Our mission is to be a leading manufacturer of silicon ingots and wafers for premium solar cells, through innovative technology, sustainable production and operational excellence.


Our values are: Dedication, Innovation, Inclusivity, and Integrity


  • Headquartered in Oslo, with a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Årdal
  • Current production capacity of 1 GW from 88 ingot pullers and wafering capacity from 16 diamond wire saws
  • All production is completely based on hydroelectric power with very low CO2 emissions. The plant has readily available cooling water which is reducing electricity consumption
  • 210 employees

Brief history

  • Groundbreaking for Årdal plant June 2007
  • First ingot produced in Årdal in March 2008
  • Crown Prince Haakon of Norway inaugurated the NorSun production facility in June 2008
  • Wafer production started in August 2009
  • The Årdal plant was fully ramped up and operational, with 70 crystal pullers and 16 wire saws in 2010
  • Successfully completed refinancing and restructuring of debt and other liabilities in August 2013
  • June 2019, closed a NOK 230 million equity round to double the company’s production capacity to 1 GW, introduce new technologies, and significantly reduce unit costs. The round was led by new investors, Nysnø Climate Investments and ABN AMRO’s Energy Transition Fund, investing a total of NOK 160 million with the remainder coming from existing shareholders. The equity round was  accompanied by loans and grants from Enova and Innovation Norway, bringing the total capital to NOK 515 million.

Technology development highlights

  • Pioneer in developing fixed abrasive sawing technology. First in industry to switch from slurry to 100% diamond wire technology from January 2012
  • Diamond wire sawing technology has been further developed to reduce diamond wire consumption and allow for the use of thinner wire. Moreover, the ingot process has been further developed for higher productivity, larger ingot diameter, and reduced oxygen content.
  • Project for expansion of the wafer cleaning capacity based on proven technology was implemented in March 2015

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NorSun was established in 2005 by Dr. Alf Bjørseth’s company Scatec. At our facility in Årdal, Norway, production of mono-crystalline ingots was initiated early in 2008 and we expanded to wafer production in mid 2009. Today, we are an established supplier to tier-one cell manufacturers and operating a modern production facility. Our technology and cost road maps ensure a competitive price model, and our company is well positioned for further growth in an attractive solar energy market segment.