Our production process

NorSun produces mono-crystalline silicon ingots and wafers from polysilicon from Western suppliers. We are utilizing the Czochralski process whereby polysilicon is melted in a crystal puller, a seed crystal is lowered into the melt and a single crystal ingot is slowly pulled out of the molten silicon, thereby establishing the atomic order.

The ingot is shaped into pseudo-square blocks and sliced into thin pseudo-square wafers using diamond wire in multi-wire saws. The wafers are cleaned through NorSun’s washing lines, packed, and shipped to a select group of high efficiency cell producers.

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metal process

NorSun delivers a unique customer experience based on the following:

Premium polysilicon from reputed, Western suppliers combined with proven crystal growing technology from the semiconductor industry.
Using only premium polysilicon from reputed suppliers in combination with semiconductor-based crystal growing technology, NorSun wafers benefit from low levels of co-doping, carbon, metals and crystalline defects. This results in high minority carrier lifetime.

stacking poly
NorSun operators stacking polysilicon into crucibles.

Proven equipment for slicing and cleaning

Using wafer slicing equipment from a reputed supplier combined with NorSun’s own developed fixed abrasive sawing technology, NorSun wafers benefit from low average total thickness variation (TTV), surface roughness, and subsurface damage, as well as low levels of chipping and micro-cracks. In addition, the state-of-the-art automatic wafer singulation and inline cleaning solution give consistent wafer cleanliness and low surface metal content. NorSun also has 100% inline automatic wafer inspection.

Preparing the ingot for squaring
Preparing the ingot for squaring

Customer-centric organisation

NorSun’s customers produce high efficiency cells. These are demanding customers, characterized by having very different and very tight specifications that undergo continuous rapid development. Our team of engineers and operators are used to handling these variations and aim at working together with the customers to give advice and optimize production costs across the value chain for mutual benefits

Continuous process innovation

NorSun is targeting cost reductions through process innovations. Innovations also benefit the customers through improved products.

Very accurate ingot shaping equipment with low kerf loss
Using very accurate ingot shaping equipment for square sawing and grinding, NorSun wafers benefit from:

  • Tight tolerances on wafer side length, diameter and corner length
  • Ingot surface with low roughness promoting low wafer breakage
  • Low kerf loss promoting low silicon consumption per wafer and per Wp