Soltech choses Qcells and NorSun for 6.1 MW low carbon footprint rooftop solar system

28 April 2022

Soltech Energy Solutions, one of the leading solar power developers in the Nordics, has chosen Qcells’ low carbon certified (CfP) solar modules with low carbon NorSun wafers to be installed in what will become one of the largest rooftop PV arrays in the Nordic countries.

The customer, Coop Sverige AB, is a renowned supermarket chain with branches across Europe. The 6.1 MW solar system will be installed at Coop’s new fully automated goods terminal in the city of Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, Sweden. Half of the terminal’s electricity needs will be met by the solar array, which is expected to be finalized by the turn of the year 2022/2023.

For Coop, which prides itself on being Sweden’s most sustainable brand (according to the Sustainable Brand Index 2021), the solar installation from Soltech represents a double positive for its carbon footprint. By using CfP-certified modules from Qcells, half of the site’s high electricity consumption is met not only by solar power, but by panels produced in a clean, low-carbon manner.

NorSun is delighted to help Qcells, Soltech and Coop realize this project with solar modules that boast a certified low carbon footprint

The selected NorSun solar modules, the Q.PEAK DUO L-G6 425Wp, have carbon emissions of 386 kg CO₂/kW according to the Certisolis CfP certificate (calculation in line with the officially recognized CRE4 methodology), and are among the cleanest solar modules available on the market.

Not only are Qcells’ Q.PEAK DUO L-G6 modules produced using low-carbon materials but are made with components sourced from a supply chain that is transparent and ethically sustainable thanks to the company’s partnership with NorSun, the Norwegian provider of low-carbon ingots and wafers.

Carsten Rohr, NorSun CCO, commented:
- Key to achieving full sustainability, energy security and ethical transparency in the solar energy industry are projects such as this, which bring together a number of Scandinavia’s most active companies in the clean energy space, alongside Qcells.

- NorSun is delighted to help Qcells, Soltech, and Coop realize this project with solar modules that boast a certified low carbon footprint, and hopes that this rooftop installation, once complete, can act as a beacon of inspiration for other companies across Sweden and the rest of Europe, Rohr said.

Read the full press release here.

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