Meyer Burger and NorSun conclude contract for long-term supply of solar wafers made in Europe

8 February 2023

NorSun and Meyer Burger Technology AG has entered into a supply agreement for silicon wafers and thus strengthening the independence of European solar supply chains. In line with Meyer Burger’s growth plans, the contract provides for continuously increasing purchase volumes along the expansion of NorSun’s wafer production capacities. The agreement allows Meyer Burger to increase its share of European-sourced wafers and to lower the carbon footprint of its high-performance solar modules

With this agreement, NorSun helps Meyer Burger to strengthen the resilience of its supply chains as it expands its solar cell and module production to 3 gigawatts (GW) of annual capacity by2024. With the support of the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan, Meyer Burger and NorSun have a strong intention to continue building the European solar valuechain.

“The agreement with NorSun is an important step in strengthening the independence of European supply chains,” Gunter Erfurt, CEO at Meyer Burger

“The agreement with NorSun is an important step in strengthening the independence of European supply chains,” says GunterErfurt, CEO at Meyer Burger. “Further growth at Meyer Burger continues to meetsustainability standards in the future – in technological, social, environmental, and economic terms.”

The increased use of solar wafers from European production further reduces the CO2 footprint of the high-performance solar modules, as environmentally friendly and cost-effective electricity primarily from hydropower is used for the energy-intensive production of the wafers.

“We in NorSun are very pleased to sign up for this significant volume and share the long-term ambition of Meyer Burger to build a competitive European PV solar value chain. The contract fits well with our strategy to expand the capacity of NorSun. NorSun’s ambition, as the leading PV wafer producer in the western world, is to play a central part in the U.S. and European efforts to rebuild the PV value chain. It is exciting to go this route with a recognized player like Meyer Burger,” says Erik Løkke-Øwre, CEO of NorSun.

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